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Double A Films is a production and post-production company focused on telling stories that bring messages about social, personal, and mental issues where a happy ending is not always the case.

They believe that storytelling is a way to express the emotions and issues that most people are most afraid to tell due to the society. They seek challenges and they believe in the power that one frame can make the people feel.



Angelica Reyes and Alejandra Hou, known as Double A, met in 2017 at Los Angeles Film School. They started their friendship when they found in common their passion for filmmaking, especially their love for stories with strong messages. Angelica Reyes and Alejandra Hou have been working together as a team since they became friends where each of them focuses on a specific task.



- Angelica Reyes as Cinematographer, Producer, Writer, or Colorist.

- Alejandra Hou as Director, Writer, Editor, or Producer.

Their first work as a team is titled "Pulse". A story by Angelica Reyes and directed by Alejandra Hou. This short film was part of a class project, but they took it to another level and treated it as it wasn't. They took it as a way to show their talent in the best way possible. Months later, something unexpected happened.


Pulse won five awards such as Best LGBT Short, Best Female Director, and Best Student Director.

Recently, they released a drama/fantasy short film titled 'Inside the Notebook' that talks about child sexual abuse, child abandonment, and the sacrifices that a mother does for their children. It is a story that is close to them since it was inspired by true events they lived when they were little. Hoping that this story can make people start to talk about these issues and help kids who are going through it.

Inside the Notebook has won close to 20 awards such as Best Fantasy, Best Makeup, Best Costume, and more...

They are currently working on a Web Series titled 'Borderline Rage' that soon will be released on YouTube.

Angelica Reyes

-aka escribanoar-

BS Film Production, Cinematography

The Los Angeles Film School

Producer, Cinematographer & Colorist

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BS Film Production, Directing

The Los Angeles Film School

Producer, Director and Editor

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